A mortgage is the largest financial commitment that the majority of us will ever take on in our lifetime, so it's essential you are getting the best advice available based on your individual circumstances.  It’s easy just speaking to your own bank or building society, but they can only advise on and sell their own products.  There may be a better deal available to you elsewhere in the marketplace.

Leslie James Mortgages are Independent mortgage advisers which means we are not tied to any one bank or mortgage lender, so we can search to find you the most suitable mortgage available based on your individual circumstances.


Remortgaging your home is a step taken by many homeowners for different reasons – you may want to find yourself a better deal on your existing repayments, consolidate any debts you may have or raise extra money for home improvements. Whatever your reasons are, it's important you have the best assistance available to you.  Usually, the best time to look for a new deal is around 3 months before your existing deal is due to expire.


Moving house is a process that can provide a lot of stress.  There are many different elements to a house move, but the most important is the mortgage as without that you simply won't be able to buy.  We can get you an Agreement in Principle (AIP) once you have provided all the required information within the hour – this is a vital part of any house move, as an estate agent won’t accept an offer on a house without an AIP in place.  An AIP proves that you have a mortgage in place, which allows you to make offers to estate agents.


Buying a house can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, but if you are a first time buyer, it can be especially daunting.  For your first house purchase, you need to be sure that you have the best possible help and advice from fully trained professionals.  Whilst sometimes a stressful time, it is also hugely exciting and we will be with you along the way taking care of everything to make the process as smooth and as stress free as possible.

The buy to let market is a great opportunity to gain an additional source of income or access the long term benefits of property investment.  Whether your new to the buy-to-let market or you are looking to add to your existing portfolio, then Leslie James Mortgages are the ideal people to assist with this process.

The financial conduct authority does not regulate commercial buy to lets.

If you want to consolidate debts and lower your monthly payments then remortgaging your home could be the ideal solution.  The lowest rate of interest you will usually get is on your mortgage, so by consolidating your debt into your mortgage you can get a much lower overall rate than you would potentially have on loans, credit cards, store cards etc.  Although the monthly payments might be cheaper, you could end up paying more in the long run, therefore think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

When living in a property, it is likely that it will need some improvements from time to time – whether that is renovations or repairs, small or large scale. Often the cheapest and most cost effective way of raising the additional funds that you need is through the equity you have in your property.